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ASRgenomics Prologue

(Course expiry: 90 days after purchase)
ASRgenomics is an R package that contains a series of molecular and genetic routines. The aim of this package is to assist in analytical pipelines before and after use of ASReml-R or another library to perform tasks such as Genomic Selection (GS) or Genome-Wide Associaton Analyses (GWAS). Additionally, ASRgenomics is an excellent tool to clean and prepare pedigree, phenotypic and molecular data for any of your future genomic analyses.

This course covers:
- Filtering SNP data for quality control
- Obtaining a genomic matrix
- Assessing a kinship matrix by reporting diagnostics (statistics and plot)
- Generating PCA based on kinship or SNP matrices
- Calculating the inverse of a genomic matrix and assessing its quality
- Matching pedigree against genomic-based matrices
- Tuning up a genomic matrix (bending, blending and aligning)
- Obtaining the hybrid matrix as required with ssGBLUP

The 25 minute course is designed and taught by Dr. Salvador Gezan, who is a statistician/quantitative geneticist with more than 20 years’ experience in breeding, statistical analysis and genetic improvement consulting.

Note: ASRgenomics is free software used in an R environment. You do not need to purchase an ASReml-R licence or any or any other VSNi software products to use ASRgenomics.

  • Welcome to ASRgenomics Prologue
  • Getting Ready
  • An introduction to ASRgenomics
  • Relevant Literature
  • ASRgenomics transcript
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed