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Basic: Statistical data analysis with Genstat (Genstat_01)

(Course expiry: 90 days after purchase. Trial licence expiry 30 days)
Genstat is a comprehensive statistical system that allows you to summarize, display, and analyze data. This software is useful in agriculture, ecology, genetics, medical research, and other areas of biology, as well as in industrial research and quality control, and economic and social survey; in fact, in any field of research, business, government, or education wherever statistics are used. Invest in your future.

What you'll learn in this Genstat course: starting with inputting, converting, importing, exporting data, creating graphs, one-, and two- ways ANOVA, and correlation.

Who this course is for: Anyone who has Genstat software and is interested in Genstat in general.

Prerequisites: Genstat software: As a participant of this training you have access to a free Genstat trial licence for 30 days. Once the course has been purchased you will be sent a licence and link to download the software within 24 hours. Please note this will ONLY be sent to the email from which you signed up.

Instructor: Roger Payne (Chief Science and technology office-VSNi)

Roger Payne leads the development of Genstat at VSN, now working part-time after 15 years in the full-time role of VSN's Chief Science and Technology Officer. He has a degree in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistics from University of Cambridge, and is a Chartered Statistician of the Royal Statistical Society. Prior to joining VSN, Roger was a statistical consultant and researcher at Rothamsted, becoming their expert on design and analysis of experiments, as well as the leader of their statistical computing activities. He originally took over the leadership of Genstat development there in 1985 when John Nelder retired. His other statistical interests include generalized and hierarchical generalized linear models, linear mixed models, the study of efficient identification methods (with applications in particular to the identification of yeasts). Roger's statistical research has resulted in 9 books with commercial publishers, as well as over 100 scientific papers.

  • Welcome to Genstat Course
  • Genstat Overview and importing data
  • Basic Genstat EP01: Genstat overview and importing data
  • Producing summary statistics and boxplot
  • Basic Genstat EP.02:Producing summary statistics and a boxplot
  • Importing data from MS-Excel
  • Basic Genstat EP.03: Importing data from Excel
  • Converting data structures
  • Basic genstat EP.04: Converting data structure
  • Calculations on variates
  • Basic Genstat EP.05: Calculations on variates
  • Calculations: data transformation and summary
  • Basic Genstat EP.06: Calculations: Data transformation and summary
  • Creating a histogram
  • Basic Genstat EP.07: Creating a histogram
  • Creating a scatter plot
  • Basic Genstat EP.08: Creating a scatter plot
  • Exporting a graph into Microsoft word
  • Basic Genstat EP.09: Exporting a graph into MS Word.mp4
  • Design an experiment unit
  • Basic Genstat EP.10: Design an experiment unit
  • Correlation
  • Basic Genstat EP.11: Correlation
  • One way ANOVA
  • Basic Genstat EP.12: One way ANOVA
  • Two way ANOVA
  • Basic Genstat EP.13: Two-way ANOVA
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever